Custom Mixes

This is MyFitJam exclusive Fitness music that can be used for your Video/DVD/Webconcept project. Pick and choose any tracks from our library below and we will pitch up or down the bpm's and add any other specifics (8 count clicks, sound effects, etc) free of charge. All music is 32 count phrased and approximately 5 minutes in length. Takes 1 to 5 business days to complete. Only $500 (discounts for multiple Video/DVD/Webconcept projects)


  • And Go

    And Go

  • Around


  • Big Life

    Big Life

  • Big Player

    Big Player

  • Boogie Pack

    Boogie Pack

  • Bust Loose

    Bust Loose

  • Clean Sweep

    Clean Sweep

  • Come On

    Come On

  • Convertible


  • Crush


  • Dig Me

    Dig Me

  • Disco Escape

    Disco Escape

  • Disco Fire

    Disco Fire

  • Disco Fresh

    Disco Fresh

  • Disco Tango

    Disco Tango

  • Don't Stop That Disco

    Don't Stop That Disco

  • Dont Stop The Love

    Dont Stop The Love

  • Drop It

    Drop It

  • Fall Time Love

    Fall Time Love

  • Fast Night

    Fast Night

  • Feathered And Fine

    Feathered And Fine

  • Feel Free

    Feel Free

  • Figure Eight

    Figure Eight

  • Follow The Flow

    Follow The Flow

  • Foxy


  • Great Life

    Great Life

  • Heart To Heart

    Heart To Heart

  • Her Moves

    Her Moves

  • Hot


  • I Wanna Dance

    I Wanna Dance

  • In Love

    In Love

  • In The Groove

    In The Groove

  • In The Know

    In The Know

  • Keep Moving On

    Keep Moving On

  • Love Pursuit

    Love Pursuit

  • Marathon Dance

    Marathon Dance

  • Me So Hot

    Me So Hot

  • Melody Maker

    Melody Maker

  • Motion Of Love

    Motion Of Love

  • My Baby

    My Baby

  • No Choice

    No Choice

  • Over The Sun

    Over The Sun

  • Right On

    Right On

  • Roasted Deluxe

    Roasted Deluxe

  • Roller Skates

    Roller Skates

  • So Fly

    So Fly

  • Soulful Approach

    Soulful Approach

  • Sunset Over Miami

    Sunset Over Miami

  • Super Groove

    Super Groove

  • Take Two

    Take Two

  • That Girl

    That Girl

  • The Loot

    The Loot

  • The Point

    The Point

  • The Spot

    The Spot

  • Under Me

    Under Me

  • Under The Moon

    Under The Moon

  • Understanding


  • Watch


  • Waterfalls


  • Wide View Point

    Wide View Point