Custom Mixes

This is MyFitJam exclusive Fitness music that can be used for your Video/DVD/Webconcept project. Pick and choose any tracks from our library below and we will pitch up or down the bpm's and add any other specifics (8 count clicks, sound effects, etc) free of charge. All music is 32 count phrased and approximately 5 minutes in length. Takes 1 to 5 business days to complete. Only $500 (discounts for multiple Video/DVD/Webconcept projects)

Rock / Funk

  • The Way To Do It

    The Way To Do It Rock

  • One Way Ticket

    One Way Ticket Rock

  • Auto Automatic

    Auto Automatic Rock

  • Strap In

    Strap In Rock

  • The Cutting Edge

    The Cutting Edge Rock

  • The Short Way Down

    The Short Way Down Rock

  • Combat Energy

    Combat Energy Rock

  • Adrenaline

    Adrenaline Rock

  • Celebrate


  • Fits And Swingers

    Fits And Swingers Rock

  • Funk Too

    Funk Too

  • Go Crazy Rock

    Go Crazy Rock

  • Guitar And Move

    Guitar And Move

  • Hot Cake

    Hot Cake

  • In The Postion

    In The Postion

  • Mister Funk

    Mister Funk

  • Running Man

    Running Man

  • Stop Drop Rock And Roll

    Stop Drop Rock And Roll Rock

  • To Be Me

    To Be Me

  • Twisting Tonight

    Twisting Tonight Rock

  • Window Shopping

    Window Shopping Rock

  • Your Bad Self

    Your Bad Self

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